This Is Exmark

We Are Exmark

From Beatrice, NE to the trailers of this country’s most respected cutters, follow our genesis—and constant evolution! Exmarks are trusted by top pros—and ready to work for you!

This Is Exmark Innovation

See how over three decades of grit, determination, and technological breakthroughs merge to create unmatched professional mowing equipment—and the perfect lawn, every time!

This Is Exmark Comfort

Discover exactly how our mowers provide top landscape pros with all-day comfort—stepping off them after 14-hour workdays as if they’ve been behind the wheel of a luxury car!

This Is Exmark Durability

Learn about the substantial time and resources we pour into designing, validating, testing, and building mowing equipment designed to provide you with a lifetime of service.

This Is Exmark Cut Quality

Explore all the big and little things—from heavy-duty fabricated decks to uniquely built, placed and optimized blades—that go into creating our mowers’ superior cutting systems.

This Is Exmark Service

See how fewer parts, low-maintenance innovations and common-sense features—all backed by the best-trained dealers in the industry—help create the most dependable mowers imaginable!

This is Backyard Life

We believe the backyard life has value beyond measure. That’s why we build mowers that deliver the perfect cut, mow your lawn in less time, and deliver field-tested reliability year after year. So you never miss a single moment.

The Exmark Story

At Exmark, over three decades of leading-edge engineering and old-fashion work ethic have been poured into building commercial-grade mowers more landscape pros trust. And, every day, we make this a reality by working tirelessly to deliver on five industry best brand promises: Unmatched innovation, quality of cut, durability, comfort and, when the job’s completed, customer service.

In the end, a mower is only as good as the company that manufactured it—and their desire to stand behind it . . . For the long haul! That’s why we back our best-in-class innovation, cut quality, durability, and comfort with a customer support team that’s equally as impressive. Our 1,500-plus, factory trained servicing dealers who absolutely know what they’re doing—from the controls and cutting blades to every nut and bolt in between. And, in the unlikely event you need a part, they’ll either have it in stock or you’ll have it the next morning—or it’ll be yours on the house, thanks to our Exmark Parts Plus program. Couple this with the industry’s top warranty program and you’ll realize the ultimate service experience. So, all you have to do is turn the key and enjoy the ultimate mowing experience!

Exmark. The official mowers of the backyard life.